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Harrison's excited about future in Knoxville

BAINBRIDGE, Ga.Tennessee may have found a hidden gem in Roman Harrison.

Not too many schools knew about the 6-foot-2, 230 pound defensive lineman, but the Vols got Harrison to camp June 11, offered him June 12, and just over a month later on July 25, Jeremy Pruitt and company had him committed.

In the Bainbridge defense, Harrison lines up at nose guard due to their lack up size up front. He is being recruited to play a completely different position by Tennessee.

"I think linebacker is my future at Tennessee," said Harrison. "They want me to stand up, rush the quarterback and play the outside linebacker position in their defense. I am a quick learner, so I do not think it will be much of a problem for me to make the change.

"I will work hard and be able to handle it. I am looking forward to it."

Harrison is well put together and he has a great frame if the Vols want him to add weight. He could really project at numerous positions. He knows his future will play out and he is very comfortable with the staff he is set to play for in Knoxville.

"I feel very comfortable with coach Pruitt, and a lot of the coaches really. With coach Pruitt, I feel I can really talk to him about anything and he will always hear me out. I worked with him at camp and he is an intense guy when he has to be, but he is calm most of the time. I like who he is and how the coaching staff works."


Part of Harrison's decision to commit to Tennessee over Georgia Tech four months ago was the people on Tennessee's campus.

"The tradition and the people is what really got me with Tennessee," said Harrison. "They have a lot of history and their are some great people there. Everyone was nice to me, they treated me right and I felt good there. When I am there now, it is a great place and I really like the people."

The highest ranked opponent Tennessee has beaten in year one under Pruitt is Kentucky. That was the game Harrison was in attendance for this season and really likes what he sees in the program.

"Coach Pruitt and the new coaching staff has improved the program a lot and the team is playing a lot better than it did last year. Coach Pruitt coaches every player, not just a certain group or position, and a lot of times, I think they helps with togetherness and development.

"I feel like they have played well, and I think they have played better than the record is, but it has been mistakes that has hurt the team. The team has played pretty good all year and I think they have surprised some people."

Harrison was in Atlanta when Georgia Tech played Clemson, but he does not plan to return. He is solid with the Vols and the only official visit he plans to take is to Tennessee December 14.

He feels the future is bright.

"I see Bowl games first because it is a process, and it will take time, but Tennessee is going to turn things around," said Harrison. "I see coach Pruitt getting his guys, building the program back up and I am excited about the future at Tennessee under coach Pruitt."