Harris remains committed to Auburn

Andre Harris is one of the top offensive line prospects from the Peach State. Harris, now 6-4.5 and 295 pounds, is an offensive guard prospect from Hampton (Ga.) Lovejoy High School. Harris lost some weight for this season and it made a difference for him on the field.
"I played well and really improved my run blocking," Harris said. "The lost weight really helped. I was lighter on my feet and could really feel the difference. I even played on defense (defensive tackle) as well.
"Weight wise, I think I am where I want to be. I didn't want to lose anymore or else people will be slinging me around."
Lovejoy had a poor season by their standards, finishing 3-7. That was frustrating for Harris.
'It was very frustrating. We only had three senior starters so I had to take on the leadership role big time. We have so many freshman and sophomore playing. It was so tough to lose those games and then I had to make sure everyone kept their head up. Of course, as a senior, you don't want to go out that way."
Something else shocking for Harris happened last week, when he learned that Tommy Tuberville would no longer be the coach at Auburn, the school he committed to over the summer.
"It was kind crazy. Coach (Hugh) Nall was here visiting with me on Wednesday when coach Tuberville was meeting with Auburn and we didn't know what was going on. Then I found out and was asking why? Where do things stand? Who will be the next coach? I have talked with Nall a few times since and he still wants me to go to Auburn and says Auburn is a great school.
"Right now I am still committed to Auburn but I am waiting to see what happens. I know I want to make some official visits. I may go visit Maryland on December 19th and of course I will still visit Auburn (1-9) next month. I am not sure who else I may visit. It's something I need to talk with my family about it."