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Harris has a favorite

If things weren't rolling along well enough for Lewisville (Texas) Hebron wide receiver/safety Steven Harris, three more offers have made their way to his collection.
Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa are the latest three schools to offer the 5-foot-11, 180-pound Harris. That is added to Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech. One school though is out in front though even without an offer.
"Oklahoma is a school I've been talking with a lot lately," Harris said. "I'm supposed to go down there to OU to see what I'm thinking. Eventually I think I'll end up committing there and if not them, another school that really wants me that has a good program."
After his spring game visit to Norman, the Sooners left a big impression on the three-star prospect and has put them in the lead. However, Harris is still considering several other teams for visits.
"I've been thinking about some colleges I want to find out about more," Harris said. "I'll probably go down to Arizona and Nebraska because I heard those places have great stadiums to be in on a game day."
There will be no messing around when it comes to making his decision. Harris wants to get his commitment out of the way as early as he can.
"I'm kind of leaning towards waiting on seeing how the season starts off but I'm going to commit early," Harris said. "I don't' want to wait until the end of the year."
Harris is rated as the No. 92 overall prospect in the state of Texas.