Harrington goes in-depth on Buffs

Washington (D.C.) H.D. Woodson cornerback Sherrard Harrington made his selection over the weekend. The 6-foot-1, 168-pounder gave his pledge to Colorado while on his official visit.
"I committed on Saturday during my official," he said. "The coaches were very, very excited cause they said I was a guy they really wanted at cornerback."
Harrington quickly turned around a commitment after receiving the scholarship just over a week ago. Obviously the visit sold him, but what was it about the trip?

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"What really sold me was the pedigree of the coaches they had, the NFL pedigree," he said. "All the coaches were former NFL players and former NFL coaches. I could go on and on. The veteran leadership and the whole vibe around the program, it felt very positive. I felt it and they want to change the program to back in the 1990's with championships."
The visit was a different experience for the three-star coming from D.C.
"Coming in and learning about Colorado, I was expecting cold weather," he said. "D.C. felt like Antarctica while Colorado felt like Miami. I really love the atmosphere, it's a different type of scenery for me and I'm very willing to adapt to that. I think it's a better opportunity for me to be successful, being around that group of guys. It's a lot of positive energy around the campus and I think I can be successful there."
Harrington claims the coaches are interested in him playing early if he proves himself.
"Coach said I've got a very good chance of being an impact as a freshman," he said. "They have been talking to me about trying to get in early later this week. Coach wants me to come in now so I can contend for that starting cornerback job, they have two positions open since their seniors left for the NFL Draft."
In terms of enrolling, Colorado has already started back for school, but Harrington is hoping to make a decision on that very soon.
"It's possible," he said. "I've got to talk to my coaches and mentor to see the best opportunity for me. I would be behind on my work a bit, but I really want to do it. I'm ready to get on board."