Harrell visits Auburn

Charlotte (N.C.) Charlotte Catholic offensive tackle Mark Harrell took a big visit this past weekend. The 6-foot-5, 260-pounder is starting to lean towards narrowing his list and has three schools that are right in the picture.
"I was at Auburn and it was really nice," he said. "I really enjoyed it and enjoyed the spring game. It's a really great environment. I enjoyed all the coaches, Coach Chizik and the rest of the staff are all great guys. I look forward to knowing them more."
It was Harrell's first visit to Auburn and he came away with a good impression.

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"I knew it to be a big-time football environment with a lot of fans and everyone loves football down there," he said. "That was definitely expect and it was nice to know I liked all the coaches as well.
"I spent a good amount of time with Coach Chizik, 20 or 30 minutes. I also spoke with Coach Grimes for about an hour and fifteen or and hour and a half. It was nice to get to know him and the rest of the staff. Coach Grimes showed me what he's about."
Harrell got a good look at the offense Auburn runs as well.
"The offense is nice," he said. "They balance it out really well running and passing. Overall it seems like a good offense and it won them a national championship, I can't complain.
"I really, really enjoyed the visit. It's a school I'm really interested in, in the future and looking forward to knowing on a more personal level."
The lineman claims visits are pretty well done this spring and next up is focusing his list.
"I plan to make a top four or five, maybe even three and visit those later on in the summer and if it feels right hopefully I'll make a decision.
"I don't have any favorites so far, every school is about equal. I think the definites right now to make that list though are Auburn, Notre Dame and North Carolina.
"I just really like Coach Pittman at North Carolina. I'm really familiar with the school, it's big-time football and they are on the rise. I'm real comfortable with the school and like that style of school, it's a great education.
"Auburn is the same thing. It's kind of a great college town with great football. I really like the coach and Coach Grimes. It's another great education I see myself fitting into.
"Then, Notre Dame is the tradition, the overall tradition there. Again, I really like the coaches there and it's a great education, it's a school I could see myself going to."