Harold headed to the WAC

Crowley, Texas two-way standout LaBradford Harold has flown a bit under the radar this season. The 6-foot, 200-pound prospect plays both receiver and safety and has had colleges looking at him for both positions.
This weekend, though, Harold decided to end the recruiting process. He committed to a Western Athletic Conference Program while on an official visit.
"I committed to Utah State," Harold said on Monday. "I committed yesterday morning when I was up there on my visit. I got to meet the football players. We walked around the campus and got to see the town. I talked to the coaches as well."
Harold said a number of factors led him to choose the Aggies but it was the players and coaches that sealed the deal.
"The people there, they were real cool," he said. "The football players, they were like brothers and that really meant something to me.
"The coaches were just great there. They treated me like family. Even before I was committed, they treated me like family. They're like the only college that's been with me since the beginning of my football season so that really meant a lot to me. I knew that if I committed there they were going to treat me like family."
Several other recruits made their way to Logan as well and the Aggies picked up quite a haul over the weekend. Harold was not the only Texas prospect on campus at the time.
"There were a lot of other recruits there," he said. "We had like five guys commit. I met a receiver from Baytown (Chance Nelson). I'm not sure if he committed. I hadn't heard if he did or not."
Though Harold can play on either side of the ball, the coaches have him pegged for defense which is fine by him.
"They want me to play free safety," he said. "It doesn't matter to me where I play. I just want to play college football. I'll do anything they ask me to do."
Other schools, including a Big 12 South program, have taken late notice of Harold. However, he says he won't be swayed from his pledge.
"Oklahoma State is supposed to come by the school tomorrow," he said. "I'm sticking with Utah State all the way, though."