Harlow back from Oregon

On Monday, Tallahassee (Fla.) Godby tight end Laith Harlow visited the Oregon Ducks. The 6-foot-5, 240-pound offensive weapon enjoyed his time in Eugene.
"I liked it a lot," Harlow said. "It is Oregon, so they are basically all Nike, so they have great facilities, the best equipment you can possibly get, and obviously a great stadium. I liked the coaches, they were nice. The people around the program and the players seemed cool."
He spoke to a number of coaches on Chip Kelly's staff, but said one in particular filled him in on all the details surrounding Oregon football.

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"Really the coach I talked to the most was Coach (Tom) Osborne, the tight ends coach," Harlow said. "He really told me about everything. He talked about how a lot of guys talk about Oregon being really far from everything else, but they have the highest recruitment from outside their state, of any D-I school in the country. They have to go find the best players out-of-state. So he was telling me how outside of a handful of players, their team is from outside Oregon. He said that you have to want to come there but that they want me there."
As a tight end, Harlow said he sees a role in the high-octane offensive attack utilized by the Ducks.
"I feel I can fit into any offense well," Harlow said. "They can flex me out and do a lot of things with me. They said they don't care who a player is, if he can play they are going to get them into the game. I don't care where they want to line me up as long as I get playing time."
Harlow, who isn't clear on his total offer list but believes it is in double digits, said that Oregon has yet to officially join that list.
"They said they are not going to really offer anybody until after they see them at camp or during spring," Harlow said. "The first week in May, Coach Osborne is supposed to be coming down to see me in practice. So they will evaluate me further then. They already have my highlights and my transcripts, they just want to see me one time in person as well."
Recently, Harlow had visited Alabama, Central Florida, Florida, Miami, and South Florida. He said that three schools impressed him a great deal.
"Alabama, Florida, and Oregon," Harlow said. "Honestly all of them have been impressive. I haven't really stepped on a campus yet where I said I didn't like that place."
At this point, Harlow claims no leaders or favorites.
"I am wide open with my offers and my recruiting right now," Harlow said. "I am not really focused on one school or naming favorites. Everybody kind of has a fair shot at me right now."
Harlow said he may attend Alabama's spring game, but other than that trip he plans to focus on Godby's spring season.