Hardy somewhat impressed with coaches

You have to talk a good game to impress Galena Park, Texas, fullback and four-star prospect Albert Hardy.
So when the phone began to ring off the hook this weekend with calls from college coaches, some caught his attention more than others.
"If you make me laugh, then I'm going to pay more attention," Hardy, who is 5-foot-11 and 220 pounds, said.
"But some didn't do too good of a job of it. There was a coach from Florida that wouldn't stop talking. I didn't really get a good feeling from him."
Hardy did get the loving feeling from coaches at LSU, Notre Dame, Arkansas, Colorado and Texas, who also made Saturday morning calls to him.
"Coach Drake from Texas really stood out," Hardy said. "He was just talking to me about how important I would be in their offense and how a big back like me could be a good fit. And he did make me laugh."
So do the Longhorns still hold the lead?
"Texas is still up there," he said. "They are still No. 1. I'm going up there for the Colorado game, so I can check out what it's like for a game."
He can also kill two birds with one stone since Colorado is one of the teams that he also plans on visiting. When asked what teams he would visit if he had to set his trips up today, Hardy said Texas, LSU, Colorado, Michigan and then either Notre Dame, Alabama, Penn State or Arkansas would get a visit.
Hardy opens the season on Friday against Houston Reagan.
"We're going to run over them," he said with a laugh.