Hardesty planning more visits

New Bern, N.C. running back Montario Hardesty returned recently from his first official visit to Lincoln to check out Nebraska. Hardesty is in the process of deciding what other visits he will take at this point between his remaining six favorites.
“I’m still looking hard at Clemson, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Tennessee, North Carolina and North Carolina State,” explained Hardesty. “I’m not sure if I’ll take all of my official visits, or if they will all be official visits when I go. I may take unofficial visits to State and Carolina since I’ve seen them a lot already.”
Hardesty does have one unofficial visit lined up for late November.

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“I’ll be in Blacksburg the weekend Virginia Tech plays Virginia in late November,” admitted Hardesty. “I recently set up that visit with Coach Wiles at Tech. I’m in touch with him quite often.”
Nebraska, Virginia Tech and Hardesty’s five other favorites are all looking for him to be a tailback at the college level despite early speculation of Hardesty possibly being a player in the secondary.
“Florida State was the only school looking for me to play safety,” stated Hardesty. “I’m a tailback first and that’s where I intend to play.”
Hardesty had a glowing review of his initial official visit to the Midwest.
“I thought it (Nebraska) would be all cornfields, but the campus is in a pretty urban setting in Lincoln,” said Hardesty. “The fans and the atmosphere were great. I really like the facilities too.”
What is Hardesty looking for in a school?
“I want to see where I fit in on the depth chart as well play for a winning program,” explained Hardesty. “We’ve been a winning program in high school, and I’m not used to losing a lot of games.”