Harbison narrows list, eyes decision

Charlotte (N.C.) Mallard Creek wide receiver Jamel Harbison has narrowed his list to four schools. The three-star prospect is considering a decision in the near future, but isn't 100% positive yet.
"I think I'm going to commit soon, hopefully before August 19th, before my first game," he said. "I am sort of planning to take official visits to my schools, so there is a chance I delay it to take officials.
"Right now I'm supposed to go to Minnesota on September 10th for an official, that's the only one I have set."

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Minnesota is one of the finalists joining East Carolina, Wake Forest and Vanderbilt.
"Those schools have always kept in touch with me and my parents like those facilities and environments around the school," he said. "Also, most are not too far or too close, I can make it on my own."
Harbison went into a bit more detail on each of his finalists.
East Carolina: "That's just a fun place to be. It's a good environment with a good coaching staff down there, I like the playbook and the offense they run, it's great."
Minnesota: "The coaching staff, they always tell me how practices is going and message me about practice and how their quarterback is doing, also about how they should be doing this year."
Wake Forest: "Coach Galloway talks to me like I'm his friend. I call him and it's good, he's a good coach that's just chilling. I want to have an opportunity to play for him."
Vanderbilt: "Academics, basically it's a good academic school. It's in a good area around the school and the coaching staff."
As for a favorite, Harbison maintains there isn't one at this time, but that didn't keep him from discussing what will be his deciding factors.
"What I'm looking at most is how good the school stays in contact with me and my family," he said. "I'm also looking at how good their facilities are, the environment, not being too close or too far and just a good area down there, somewhere I can live for four years."
Though recruiting is a big focus, Harbison isn't letting that take away from his goals this season and he's got big expectations.
"I've got a major goal of hopefully getting 82 catches, pushing 1,800-yards and 22 touchdowns," he said. "I had 64 receptions last year, 17 touchdowns and over 1,200-yards, I'm pushing myself to the limit in hopes of making my goals."