Hanson is closing in on a decision

The clock is quickly winding down for Rivals250 quarterback Braden Hanson out of Charlotte (N.C.) Latin. The 6-foot-6, 193-pounder is preparing a final stretch run before a decision sometime this summer.
"It's pretty promising that I'll make a decision in the next month or two," he said. "I want to take some visits this summer and then I'll probably wait until at least late June or sometime in July to announce.
"Quite frankly, if I don't get offers in the next week and a half I'll just stick with the ones I have. I've already visited numerous schools and there isn't a dream school or team I'd commit to on the spot, so I'll make a round of visits and then have a decision from there."

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Three schools jumped into the mix just in time offering in the past week.
"I've got three offers this week from Kansas State, Rutgers and Colorado, that makes seven," he stated. "On Tuesday Colorado watched me throw and today I got the official offer from them. Colorado is a beautiful place and the kind of school you can fall in love with because it's in the mountains and they have a new staff that is gaining some momentum.
"Then on Thursday, Rutgers came by with coach McNulty and Schiano and they offered as well. It just came in the mail on Tuesday. Coach Schiano is a really nice guy and he told me about their situation. Their situation is a bit different because it's an urban setting in Jersey with dense media coverage, but that could be fun. As for the program, I know they were in the top 15 at one point last year and by all counts it looks like they'll stay there for awhile. It's a good opportunity for me.
"Kansas State was the third offer and they are similar to Missouri. It's kind of where I grew up and I was actually kind of a fan of them, my dad went there. I know they started a freshman at quarterback last year and definitely had success with him. It's good that they're not afraid to start a younger guy."
With a decision in the near future, is Hanson looking at visits to any of the latest offers?
"I don't know the exact dates, but I'm looking at visiting a lot of these schools before I make my decision," he said. "If I get the chance to visit I'll do it, but I don't want to just go and waste my time and the coaches."
Currently the Tar Heel State prospect claims one school is sticking out over the rest.
"I would be lying if I didn't say I was leaning towards North Carolina," he said. "Simply put, it's the best, most comfortable fit for me right now. I loved my visit to Wisconsin and I liked Missouri a lot too, but I feel like I'm comparing every school I visit to UNC.
"There's more than just comfort though as athletically, socially and academically it is the complete package. Add to that the addition of Butch Davis, a head coach that has been successful in numerous places along with a quarterback coach in John Shoop who is a great guy and coached in the NFL and that's strong. Then I also live in Charlotte and they were the first school to offer me when I had no offers. It's a strong love and they were the first school to really show me that attention."