Hammad caught in a whirlwind

The word whirlwind sums up the last two weeks for Rami Hammad as well as any.
Since a standout performance at the Semper Fi All-American game, the Irving (Texas) offensive lineman has seen double digit offers placed on the table, a flood of college coaches through his high school, and what appeared like a quiet few weeks before signing with Baylor turn into a flurry of last minute visits and a race to the end.
"Super crazy for like the last two weeks," Hammad said. "It was chill until the Semper Fi game and then afterwards I blew up."

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The game along with his senior highlights have made Irving High School a regular lunch spot for college recruiters. Interest has come in from Alabama, Texas, and LSU. Oklahoma offered last week as did TCU, and the Horned Frogs and Sooners along with Texas Tech and Baylor stopped by the school on Friday.
Last week seems like only the beginning with the next few weeks packed full.
"This is what I'm thinking, nothing is official yet," Hammad. "I'm thinking Ole Miss (official visit) Wednesday, Oklahoma this weekend. Texas is coming by Tuesday. Texas is going to get the first visit so that might bump OU. Until then OU, then after that TCU, and then Baylor official-wise."
Throw in a few drop in visits at the school, a few more schools by the house, and it's easy to see just how everything could get so crazy.
Even with all the new attention the standout offensive lineman is still committed to Baylor; however, he is taking a good look at all of his new options. As he put it, he only gets to do this once so he better do it right.
As he looks at his options, he looks at education, football, and what will best prepare him for whatever lies ahead. He also knows why he committed to Baylor in the first place.
"It was close to home and it was my first offer and the education part they had what I wanted to study which is kinesiology," Hammad said. "One thing that's really attractive is the past five years they've put o-linemen in the NFL."
The question everyone wants to know is when will he have his mind made up. To that Hammad does not know, but it would be hard to fault him if he went until Signing Day which Hammad knows is a possible reality.
The last few weeks have been wild, and the attention has caused his schedule to become quite crowded. Hammad is ok with that.
"It's truly a blessing," Hammad said, "but crazy though."