Hall shaking things up

Marque Hall is a 6-foot-5, 305-pound offensive and defensive tackle from Marshville (N.C.) Forest Hills and is widely regarded as one of the top two-way players in the nation. Has anything changed recently with regards to recruiting?
"My top five is Virginia, Virginia Tech, NC State, UNC, and Tennessee," said Hall. "I wouldn't say I have a favorite amongst those, but I'll just say that I like NC State a lot. They and Virginia want me to play offensive line, so that's something unique about them."
Will location play a role in his decision?

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"Yes, it will be something I'll look at," he said. "Being close to him is real important to me, so I am obviously looking at Carolina and NC State. UNC hasn’t done so well lately, but I am still considering them."
Hall wants to make his decision near Signing Day, and is planning on taking all his allotted visits. He definitely wants to go to UVA and NC State, along with the rest of his top five.
So far Marshville is off to a 5-4 start, largely thanks to Hall's terrific play. He has accumulated 35 tackles and 7 sacks, in part because of the work he did over the summer.