Hall is definitely Zona bound

One of the main drawbacks to getting early commitments is losing those commits to other schools that continue to recruit kids despite their commitment.
But so far so good for Mike Stoops and his staff as Corey Hall is done taking trips and is solidly in Arizona’s corner.
“It was a real good visit,” Hall said. “We hung with all of the other recruits and everything I had a real good time. I was hosted by Ronnie Palmer and James Alford and they were both real cool. I also hung out with B.J. (Dennard), Michael Klyce, Chris Henry and a few other guys. That guy from Oklahoma, Joe (Barresi), is crazy man, he is funny.”

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Hall and fellow DeSoto, Texas teammate Michael Thomas are already solidly in the commit column but two other DeSoto players made the trip, and according to Hall had a real good time.
“I know Donald (Horton) wants to commit as soon as he gets home or tomorrow,” he said. “It depends on what his parents let him do, I think they want him to wait but I don’t think he wants to wait. Brian (Jackson) had a real good time too. I don’t think he committed but I know he really likes Arizona too. I think big Trey (Bryant) may have committed or he wants to commit after he gets home too. It was a really good trip and it was a lot of fun.”
Hall says that even though many kids take further visits, he is not likely to as he is a solid commit.
“I mean, even if I had time I wouldn’t take any visits because I am going to Arizona,” he said. “I am not planning on taking any trips. Yes, I am a solid commitment for Arizona.”