Guy proves he belongs

LOS ANGELES – Las Vegas (Nevada) Western defensive tackle Lawrence Guy is considered by many as the top player in the state of Nevada. And after a strong performance at the NIKE Training Camp on Sunday, it's a title he likely won't relinquish any time soon.
"I think I did good," Guy, who measured in at 6-foot-5 ½ and 265 pounds, said.
"I think I could have done better. I think I could have done better in the one-on-ones. I could have done better getting past the dude. I think I need to work on my pass rushing skills better."
But overall Guy said he felt like he belonged going against the best of the best in the Golden State.
"It was a good way to test myself and see what my competition was like and what it will be like in college," he said. "I think I belong. I think I proved that today. There were some good people, but I know I can do better and be better than them.
"I've been working hard. I'm going to even harder now. I want to make sure to represent Nevada the best way that I can."
Guy said he truly enjoyed the competition, but he said he also learned a lot from the camp.
"I learned a lot about looking and being sure that you're able to contain the hole on defense," he said. "I learned that you have to watch the line to see which way they move and be on the lookout for the pulling move."
Guy has two scholarship offers on the table, but he also has a few teams he'd like to hear from during the spring evaluation period.
"I have a full ride from University of Arizona, and I have a scholarship from UNLV, too," Guy said. "I want Oklahoma State to call me. I like their program a lot. They do a good job with defensive tackles. I wouldn't mind hearing from Ohio State, too."
He's also been getting regular mail from Arizona State, Oklahoma, Oregon, San Diego State and UCLA.