Gully gets rolling with visit dates

Two visits are set up for St. Louis (Mo.) Cardinal Ritter cornerback Antonio Gully and with his solid top three, it's really no surprise where he's headed for trips in the next few months.
Gully, who has been favoring Illinois and Wisconsin is now going to take trips to both schools with his Badger trip set for Dec. 9. In two weeks Gully will take in Illinois for his trip set on Oct. 22. The No. 14 rated prospect in the state of Missouri wants to finally see these programs up close.
"They've been with me from the beginning and they've been showing that they really want me a lot," Gully said about his top two teams. "I've got a few other teams I'm looking at for trips like Michigan State, Indiana, Central Michigan, and Western Michigan."
"I just wanted to take these first."
The 6-foot-, 175-pound Gully will now take several trips before deciding, but he is not about to set a permanent date for his commitment.
"Whenever I feel like the time is right, I'll commit," Gully said. "I don't want to set a specific date or time. That's kind of the way I'm going about my process."
Gully's season is also going well as his Cardinal Ritter team is sitting at 4-2. According to the talented corner, he has hauled in at least five interceptions since the season began.