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Guarnero schedules his fourth official

Denver (Colo.) Mullen offensive guard Chris Guarnero has scheduled a fourth official visit with Miami. When does the 6-foot-2, 258-pounder hope to make his trip to see the Hurricanes?
"I believe I scheduled it for December 16th," he said. "I chose them because they have a great program. They're ranked No. 3 in the BCS and I've talked to coach Kehoe and he seems like a pretty cool guy.
"I'm hoping to go down there and check out everything. I want to connect with the players, see the academics and the area. I want to know if I can spend the next four or five years of my life there."
Does the four-star prospect plan to take a fifth official?
"I'm not sure right now, but if I do it's probably between Arizona State and LSU," he said. "Both of them are good programs and I like the coaches. They also both produce very good offensive linemen that get sent to the pros."
Guarnero's next official is Colorado, but the No. 16 offensive guard in the country might not be able to make the trip.
"It depends if we win this week in the playoffs because if we do I'll have to reschedule," he said. "I'll need that weekend to practice with the team."
Last week the Mustangs beat Legacy 36-7 and face off against Bear Creek in the second round of the playoffs Friday.
"Our team is doing alright," he said. "We still have some stuff to work on, but our defense has stepped up and we're good."