Guarnero has plenty of options

Recently ranked as one of the nation's top 250 players, Denver Mullen offensive guard Chris Guarnero has plenty of options on his college future. What he also has is plenty of options as to where along the line he could end up playing at.
"Oregon is talking about me playing tackle," Guarnero, who is 6-foot-4 and 270 pounds, said. "Cal and LSU want me at guard. K-State wants me at center. So it's pretty much everywhere on the offensive line."
And that flexibility is something that he doesn't mind. In fact, he thinks it's one of his strengths, but it's one of many.

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"I do pretty well at both run blocking and pass blocking," he said. "I'm aggressive coming off the ball. I like to hit people and make them have to go around me to get to the ball."
At one point, Guarnero was committed to the Colorado Buffaloes, but since the original pledge, he's backed off of it and now opened things up considerably.
"I've been talking to Cal, Iowa State, and LSU lately," he said. "California and Iowa State are recruiting me the hardest right now. I have offers from Oregon, Cal, LSU, Kansas State, Colorado, Colorado State, Iowa State, Arizona, Arizona State, Wyoming, and Nebraska.
"I camped at Cal and Oregon. The Cal offensive line coach was complimenting me on my technique a whole lot."
And that's a big reason why the Bears could quietly be the leader at this point for the four-star offensive lineman.
"I like Cal a lot," he said. "Who doesn't want to be in California for four or five years? I love the offensive line coach there. I've spent some time with the players and I got to hang out with them. They're all real down to earth and fun guys to be around. So I like Cal the most right now."
But still he has other options to look at and has some ideas about what he's looking for in a school in mind.
"I'm looking for a good coaching staff with a good environment," he said. "I want the program going up. I don't want to go to a program that's at a plateau and is starting to sink down. Academics are important and connecting with the players. But I just want a place that feels the best. They don't have to have all of that stuff, but I think I'll know when I'm there."