Gross setting visits

Three-star defensive end Marvin Gross of Baltimore (Md.) Dunbar has a dozen scholarship offers. The 6-foot-4, 225-pounder hasn't taken any visits this fall to date, but that will change starting this weekend.
"I'm trying to set up some visits with coaches," he said. "I haven't gone anywhere yet. I definitely want to visit Colorado, Washington and West Virginia. Those three are really locked in as visits, but they are not favorites. I am planning to go to West Virginia on Saturday unofficially to see them play Baylor. That's it right now for me."
Gross explained why there three schools will be the first to get visits.

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"Washington is a good school in the Pac-12. They are all the way across the country and obviously want me. I could come up and play and I'm really interested," he said. "Colorado I think I could go in and help out early. I haven't been out West to either area and want to see what the campuses are like. As for West Virginia, I just want to go see what it's like on game day, being with the players and things like that."
Despite Gross knowing at least three trips he wants to take, the lineman has no plans to decide soon.
"I want to wait to make my decision to see who else comes through the door," he said. "I plan to take all five officials too before I decide."
At this time, Gross is not aware of other schools in hot pursuit despite an impressive start to his senior season.
"I'm doing well," he said. "I currently have nine sacks in four games and a touchdown," he said. "Last year I had 31 sacks and my goal is to surpass the record of 33. My play has bumped over to this year. I've actually had to work harder because I'm getting double and triple teamed. I definitely have to work on my technique and using more of my moves than last year. I'm learning a lot through that experience."