Grimes has favorites

Tony Grimes is a three-star cornerback prospect from south Florida. Grimes, from Hollywood Hills High School, is off to a nice start this season. In three games his team is off to a 2-1 start and he has 16 tackles, two interceptions, and six pass breakups.
"Teams are staying away from me for the most part," Grimes said. "But I am mainly playing safety more than anything. I do whatever coach tells me to do and I don't question coach."
Regardless of where he plays in the Hollywood Hills secondary Grimes says he has really made some improvements to just about every aspect of his game.
"My technique is better for sure. I am coming out of my breaks easier and quicker. I am a better tackler. I am also a better leader. I am also more effective with ball in my hands. I have stepped it up with a bunch of things in my game."
Grimes, and his teammate Clarence Murphy, were supposed to visit Wisconsin for an official visit but things didn't work out.
"We didn't visit Wisconsin. They told Clarence they were too busy so that squashed the trip. Right now I only have one official visit set. Clarence and I will visit Michigan (11-21) for when they play Ohio State. I know I want to visit Ole Miss.
"Ole Miss has a great coaching staff and they are nationally rank. They just lost and that sucks but they are a team that is really improving.
"Michigan has had a great season so far. I mean they have jumped out to a really good start with so many big plays."
With the Badgers, Wolverines and Rebels all standing out for Grimes does this mean he will have his decision sooner rather than later?
"No. It's going to be a Signing Day decision. I want to hold out until then."
Grimes is planning on attending the Oklahoma/Miami this coming weekend.
Hollywood Hills plays South Broward this weekend.