Griffith visits Purdue, Indiana

Fort Wayne (Ind.) Homestead wide receiver Isaac Griffith now holds three scholarship offers, and he has been in regular communication with a host of other schools. In the last week, he visited two in-state Big Ten programs he has being recruited by.
Most recently, Griffith made the trip down to Bloomington for a two-day visit with Indiana on Friday and Saturday.
"I got around the team itself and got a chance to meet and hang out with some of the players there," Griffith said of his trip. "I met some of the specific position players - wide receivers - and hung out with some kids that I knew from Fort Wayne currently on the team - Kenny Mullen and Lawrence Barnett."

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Indiana assistant coach Mike Ekeler informed Griffith last month that the Hoosiers planned to recruit the in-state prospect hard, and Griffith saw evidence of that during his visit to Bloomington.
"I got a great vibe from all the coaches," Griffith said. "When I first got there they all came up to me and said they hoped I had a good time while I was down there.
"When I went to the practice on Saturday I hung around with Coach [Kevin] Wilson for the main part and got a feel for the offense. I got to stick around with him when they scrimmaged and he basically told me the offense and what they were running."
The 6-0, 185-pound Griffith does not yet hold an offer from Indiana, but he is preparing to do the things necessary to earn that scholarship.
"I am actually setting up dates right now for colleges to come down and watch me do some stuff on the field," Griffith said. "Or, they said, to just come up to a camp so they can see me in person. The one thing they said was they love me off the film, they like me as a person; Coach Wilson just needs to see me at camp."
A few days prior to his Indiana visit, Griffith visited the state's other Big Ten program, Purdue, to check out a spring practice.
"I went for just a one-day thing and got there about 3 o'clock," Griffith said. "I talked to Coach [Donn] Landholm before practice and a few of the other coaches. They showed a lot of interest in me and talked to me throughout the whole practice. I saw one of the guys I knew on the team and got to talk with him a little bit about the team and where they are going with it. It was a good experience."
The three scholarship offers on the table for Griffith have come from Ball State, Toledo and Wyoming. The Toledo offer is most recent, arriving two weekends ago.
"That was an exciting one for me because I had no idea they were going to offer me," Griffith said. "They just invited me to the junior day and once I got there they put me up in the team meeting and pulled me out halfway through that. I went to the head coach's office, Coach Campbell, and he said, 'We are offering you.'"
After a series of unofficial visits with several different schools, Griffith plans to lay low the next two weeks until he goes on vacation for spring break in April. He is considering a visit to Northwestern following his spring break, and also has had recent contact with Iowa State which has asked him to make a visit to their campus.