Griffin ready for first visit

IRVING, Texas - MacArthur defensive lineman Kelly Griffin has the speed to play off the edge, but his high school team needs him inside and so he's been doing what he can to help out.
The 6-foot-1, 260-pounder is certainly not having any trouble picking up recruiting interest either. Nebraska, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Missouri are just a few of the offers he's looking at strongly. He's got one visit planned, but certainly is looking at several others.
"All three of us, Ron (Brooks), Bret (Harris), and myself are heading up to Nebraska for the Texas game," Griffin said. I'm really excited to visit some other places outside of Texas. It's a fun experience and this is all new to me. I'm just still getting the hang of it really."
The other schools Griffin is looking at for visits include TCU, Oklahoma State, and Missouri. There are even others that he's looking at that he says he has a hard time keeping track of. He's going to try and take "as many trips as possible."
As for whether or not he and his heavily recruited teammates will line up on the same team remains to be seen.
"Well, we're trying to stick around each other and have each other's back on stuff for the next four years," Griffin said.
Griffin says that a lot of schools who have seen his transition are recruiting him as a defensive tackle.
"They've been talking about that position more with my size," Griffin said. "A lot of college coaches love how I play on film and they think I could come in there and do well inside."