Gregory may add Pac-10 power

At this point Chicago Simeon quarterback Robert Gregory doesn't plan to limit his options by cutting the recruiting process short.
Gregory is sitting on scholarship offers from Eastern Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota and Toledo but the list of programs continuing to show interest is what will keep things open for the foreseeable future.
The likes of Oregon, Purdue, Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss, Indiana, Tennessee State, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin and Michigan State have all checked in during the spring.

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"I'm gonna wait it out until Signing Day," Gregory said. "My decision is gonna be based on my relationship with the coaching staff, whether I'm gonna play or not, whether the offense fits me, whether the school offense-wise fits me, whether they have the major I want and how popular the major is and graduation rates and stuff like that.
"Traveling isn't a problem. I'm willing to go that extra mile."
One program Gregory feels could be closest to joining the mix with a verbal offer is Oregon, which made a spring evaluation period visit this week and has been showing steady interest over time.
"They send me a lot of mail," Gregory said. "They came by (Monday) to see a football practice but we didn't actually have practice because our baseball team made it to the championship. When the teams in our school do stuff like this we go support as a team."
Once the summer gets started and Gregory has more free time he plans to hit the road for some visits to get a better feel for certain programs involved.
There will be a stop Michigan's one-day camp and unofficial visits to Minnesota and Toledo. Other visits are up in the air at this point but there are some Gregory would like to get done if time allows.
"I would say for sure Tennessee and Purdue," Gregory said. "Maybe Wisconsin. I've been to Michigan State and Michigan; been to Illinois. I've gotta get down to Oregon. I've just gotta see how the town is and see how the area is."
Getting a closer look at Oregon is a priority but based on what Gregory already knows it's a good fit on the field.
"It's definitely a speed offense," he said. "They won't limit my ability."