Greenlee is learning this week

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The East hopes to control the line of scrimmage Thursday night when they meet the West at the Offense-Defense All-American Bowland that battle starts in the trenches. One of the players that hopes to lead the East is left tackle Antwane Greenlee.
"A lot of great players are out here, especially at defensive end," said Greenlee. "The talent is great down here and I have worked real hard this week at practice."
Greenlee arrived confident and he quickly realized he had room to improve.
"I came in kind of big headed, but I realized when you are playing against good defensive ends, it is all about how fast you can get back or how fast you can get to them. It is more about technique now."
This future Bulldog feels he has gotten better each day.
"I have really progressed this week," Greenlee said. "We have practiced twice a day now for three days straight and I feel I have gotten a lot better. I get tired out there, but you have to fight through it."
He talks about what he has picked up from offensive line coach Doug Huffard from Hoover High School.
"I have picked up a lot from coach Huffard this week, especially technique," Greenlee said. "I have improved the most in pass blocking. I have a tendency to turn out to the man, but he showed me that if I just drop straight back and put a good punch on him, then I can slow the end down. Just working with him a lot and listening to him this week has helped me a lot."
This 6-foot-6, 318-pound offensive lineman likes playing with talent.
"These guys are good and they are telling me how good I am right now," Greenlee said. "It is telling me what I need to work on to get better. I am watching other guys to learn things and I like to be out there competing with these great players."
Another Peach State prospect has stood out to Greenlee this week.
"We rotate in and out on the offensive line, so when I get a chance I watch the other players," he said. "Morgan Burnett has had a great week. I have watched him go through drills and he is all over the field. He has been making plays all week."
Lining up at left tackle, Greenlee has had many one on one match-ups with Rivals100 defensive end Cliff Matthews.
"I think I have done pretty good with him. In the beginning, he was just shooting right past me, but since me and coach have been working together, we are now balancing out."
"Lately, he has been getting me sometimes and I have been getting him sometimes. Things are really balancing out now, but he was getting me a lot at first."
The game is Thursday night on ESPNU and Greenlee feels the East is ready.
"We have been practicing hard, preparing for the West, and I think we will be ready. I think the defense is a little ahead of the offense right now, but we will all be ready. I think the offensive line may be slowing the offense down a little because we are going at a fast pace. We are not huddling and we are going off wristbands, so I think we are all getting used to that."
In recruiting, Greenlee seems very solid.
"I have already taken my official visit to Georgia and I really enjoyed it," he said. "I am still one-hundred percent committed to Georgia. I was thinking about taking one more official or something, but I am not sure right now. I don't have anything set up and I am firm to Georgia."