Green to show skills at AA Bowl

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Broderick Green

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West Team (roster)
Running back
Little Rock, Ark.
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Rivals.com Rankings
Rivals100 for 2007: No. 63 overall
Rivals.com running backs: No. 5
Rivals.com Arkansas top 15: No. 2
Bruising running back Broderick Green never thought he'd get a chance to participate in an all-star game.
The Little Rock (Ark.) Pulaski Academy star was surprised to even hear about the inaugural Offense-Defense All-American Bowl.
"It was a big surprise when I found out, I didn't expect this," he said. "I actually didn't know there were other games out there to play in. I think I've been overshadowed a bit by running backs in states known for producing more talent."
Green is obviously excited about the opportunity to participate in the bowl game on Jan. 4 on ESPNU.
"Oh man, it feels great to be honored this way," he said. "You've got all these great Division I athletes in the country coming to play. Out of all the people chosen to play running back in the game they chose me, and that's great."
The Rivals100 back plans to show off the skills he will take to Southern Cal next season.
"I want to show everybody I can play," he said. "There are a lot of people that think I'm overrated, but if anything I think I'm underrated. I want to prove to everybody I can play at that level."
Although he's looking at taking visits to Penn State, Ohio State, Tennessee and Arkansas, Green maintains he's a pretty firm commitment to the Trojans.
"Everybody says I'm a soft commitment, but I think it's pretty hard," he said. "I just want to look around to make sure.
"I am going to try to recruit for USC when I'm at the game. I plan to tell players about the coaching staff and everything that made me commit to them. I'm going to do it all in a way that won't pressure them."
The four-star tailback is in the second round of the playoffs and is having another sensational year.
"I'm on pace to repeat last year's performance of 1,664 yards rushing," he said. "I have about 1,500 yards running, 400 yards receiving and 21 total touchdowns. I hope we can keep playing and beating teams. I've always got high expectations. If I get 2,000 yards, the next year I'll want to get 2,500."
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