Green getting more interest

LAS VEGAS - Zachary Green was caught totally off-guard when Arizona offered but he is definitely excited about the program and how first-year coach Rich Rodriguez plans to revamp the offense and so the Wildcats are definitely under consideration.
"I was just walking around school one day and they called up my coaches and checked up on me and saw what people thought of me and they said they were extending an offer," Green said. "I was really excited.
"I'm going to see how it works this year. Their system fits me because they run the spread and it should be really good."

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Arizona is the first to offer Green, a 5-foot-9, 210-pound running back from Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure who's starting to see his recruitment pick up.
Many other schools including Miami, Baylor, Cincinnati, Washington State and Alabama are showing more interest. USC and UCLA are also involved.
Green, playing with B2G at the New Level Athletics Elite 7 on 7 this past weekend, said the Bearcats have been getting serious, want him to visit and could be the next program to offer.
The three-star running back is open to programs across the country - and he means it since he has family spread all over the place. Staying in California would be good but if he needs to venture out that shouldn't be a problem, either.
"I'm really open to anywhere," Green said. "I'm not trying to stay only in California. If I wanted to play in California I would stay but I'm open to all the schools across the country.
"If I had family only in California I'd want to stay close because they wouldn't get out to every game but since I have family everywhere it's really easier not having family in one place."