Green checks out UCLA

Last week, Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame quarterback Garrett Green visited USC and this weekend, it was his time to check out city rival UCLA in what could be his final official visit of the year.
Green, 6-1, 185 pounds has been our top rated signal caller in the West all season long and nothing has changed to deter us from that opinion. Green can throw it better than most think but it's his ability to scramble away from trouble and make plays with his legs as well as his arm that makes him a special player.
As for how the two L.A. city schools compare, Green broke things down this way.
"They're both great schools and it just kind of depends on what you're more comfortable with," Green said. "USC's staff is more energetic and raw, raw whereas UCLA is more laid back and easy going. I love the coaches at both schools and I really don't favor one style of the other.
"I had a little of both in high school and I respond just fine to both so it's kind of a wash between them. Both schools have nice campuses and are close to home. Depth chart wise, both schools have young quarterbacks and I know it would be a battle at either place to get playing time so that's pretty equal as well.
"USC only has two guys on scholarship and they're only talking to me about playing quarterback. UCLA has a few more guys there and they talked to me about moving to safety if it doesn't work out for me at quarterback. I definitely want a shot at quarterback first and that's always been the position I think I would fit in best at in college.
"As for the trip itself, it was great. Ben Olson was my host the first night and then Gavin Ketchum the next. Both are great guys and I leaned a lot from Ben about how things are run there. He's a super nice guy and I got along well with all the players. I've been to UCLA a number of times but I got to see more of the campus, talk to a lot of the players, check out the dorms, things like that.
"We went to the basketball game against West Virginia and that was a pretty fun time. The crowd was wild and I had a lot of fun there. I was thinking about taking another visit next weekend but right now, I think I might know enough to make my decision. I don't have a favorite right now, but I don't think I need to check out any other schools. It's going to be hard, I know some people really like to weight the pros and cons of all their schools and others like to just go with a gut feeling. For me, I'll probably do a combination of both and make my announcement when I'm comfortable with my decision. I'm just playing it by ear right now and I know I have a lot of serious thinking to do in the next week or so."