Grant mainly focused on two

Even with Miami and others getting involved with Uriah Grant, the Fullerton (Calif.) Fullerton C.C. defensive tackle said Ole Miss and Washington are still his leaders and he should be ready to make his decision after visiting the Rebels later this month.
Grant, a 6-foot-1, 280-pound prospect, is originally from South Florida and the Hurricanes have recently gotten involved but he said he's so comfortable with the other two coaching staffs that it will be hard to beat them.
"Right now (Miami) has had a lot of talks with my coach going back and forth," Grant said. "They just sent my transcripts off to them and after they're evaluated we can talk more and talk about a scholarship.

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"I'm still focused on Ole Miss and Washington just because those schools have been there since day one. Miami has just come in recently. I built a connection with both of those coaching staffs so it would be hard to knock off those two programs."
Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt recently met with Grant and his mother and the visit went well, a good first step before the Fullerton defensive tackle heads to Oxford in a couple weekends.
"Meeting with him was awesome," Grant said. "He's very energetic and he has high enthusiasm. You can tell he's excited about this upcoming year. I'm really excited to take my visit. I can't wait.
"He talked about the Ole Miss community, the fans, the tradition of Ole Miss and he said on any team the key to winning is to control the line of scrimmage. With me coming in and some other guys we could help the line of scrimmage and make plays. He was excited for me to get there and to check it out."
Washington is also high on Grant's list and he is expected to meet with coach Steve Sarkisian soon. That could be important in his final decision-making process.
"I'm still talking to them regularly," Grant said. "Everything with them is pretty much the same. Coach Sark and coach (Nick) Holt are supposed to come up to meet with me and my mom again. Just coach Holt came last time. Coach Sarkisian is supposed to come this time."