Granger says changes dont change interest

Coaching changes can alter many prospects' college choices, but for the nation's No. 3 defensive tackle DeMarcus Granger of Dallas Kimball, it doesn't look like the changes at two of his top teams – LSU and Oklahoma State – might have too much of an affect in his recruiting status.
Granger, brief as he always is in his updates, said he continues to like Oklahoma quite a bit and was impressed with Arizona State on his official visit out there before Christmas.
But the changes at LSU and Oklahoma State left a lot of people wondering what's going to happen with those teams on his list.
"To be honest," Granger said, "I'm more interested in other things than who is going to be the head coach. I want to base my decision on the people there at the school, the players, teachers and people in the town, more than who is going to be the head coach. I know that coaching is a business and people are going to move around to new places, so I would have no problem still looking at LSU with coach Miles there or at Oklahoma State with whoever they pick."
Granger has three visits under his belt to LSU, Oklahoma and Arizona State. He has lined up three visits in January, and honestly it looks like one of the visits might have to be an unofficial trip. That one likely will be to Texas on January 21. He has Oklahoma State set up for January 14 and Tennessee scheduled for January 28.
While the coaching changes hasn't diminished his interest in what teams he's looking it, Granger, who is 6-foot-3 and 315 pounds, did say it's not helped him when it comes to figuring out who is his leader.
"I'm still thinking hard, and I go back and forth and it gets all messed up in my head," Granger said. "I want to take all of the visits, sit down and look at all of the positives and negatives of all the schools and then make a decision."
And the longer it draws out the more likely it could be a signing day decision for the five-star tackle.