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Goodwin takes spring break visits

Baltimore (Md.) Gilman School offensive tackle Hunter Goodwin was on spring break this past week. The 6-foot-5, 280-pounder took three unofficial visits across the Southeast.
"In the past week I had a chance to see a few colleges," he said. "I went to South Carolina, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest.
"It was really cool. I got to spend a lot of time with the coaching staffs at all of the places. It was a lot of fun."
According to Goodwin, each visit stood out in it's own way.
"It was really cool at South Carolina, I got to talk to Steve Spurrier which was fun," he said. "He was actually in between meetings, but talked about goals for next season and what I can help bring the program. He was talking about how they are getting seven to eight wins a season and he's really striving to build South Carolina into a prominent SEC program. He thinks they can do it.
"At Georgia Tech, I got to see a lot of their academic side. I got a real good look at Georgia Tech. They let me see the dorm rooms and the whole college lifestyle there.
"As for Wake Forest, I got to do the same thing as Georgia Tech, but also see a lot of the academics. I got to talk to Coach Grobe for a solid two hours. He's a really good guy. We talked about a lot of stuff, life and football and how they relate. He mentioned what Wake has to offer and what I have to compliment Wake with. He discussed a bit about play schemes and stuff like that. He was really into asking my parents, my mom and little brother about them and their personalities. We blended really well."
Wake Forest already had an offer on the table, what's the status with the other two colleges?
"Georgia Tech said they would really like to get me to one of their camps and evaluate me. They I can evaluate them as a whole," he stated. "South Carolina asked for more film which I dropped off on my visit. We're talking pretty good now."
Currently Goodwin holds three scholarships from Wake Forest, Maryland and West Virginia.
With a few visits done, are more coming in the near future?
"We're actually kind of playing it by ear," he said. "I plan to go down to Maryland one of these Saturdays for a spring practice."
The Maryland lineman recently wrapped up his wrestling season making it to nationals.
"I didn't place at nationals, but my goal was to place top five in the conference and I was second, fifth in the state," he said. "I did it to improve for football and it definitely has helped me with my balance and hands. It's helped with my pure aggressiveness and my one-on-one with people."
Now Goodwin is entering his third sport, track which starts up this week.
In terms of football, Goodwin plans to attend the Nike Camp at Penn State in early May.