Goodson is ready

It looks like the anticipated decision for four-star Rivals100 member Michael Goodson is about to come within the next few days. The Lone Star state's top running back will make his final decision between Texas A&M and Southern Cal very soon.
His father, Mike Goodson, said that his son is winding the whole thing down and hopes to having something by next Monday or Tuesday. Apparently, no other visits will be taken as previously reported.
"I think he's just about done with the whole thing and I don't see anymore trips happening," Goodson's father said. "It's down to USC and A&M, he'll get it decided probably over the weekend, and then make his announcement early next week."

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As for right now, the No. 4 rated running back in the country looks to have a press conference either at his school or on a local television station in the Houston area.
"We're trying to figure all that out right now, but he'll make some sort of announcement somewhere," Goodson's father said. "He's just ready to get it done with and finish out his senior year of schools. He's qualified and ready to go as far as we know."
With OSU out of the picture, both the Aggies and Trojans offer very positive opportunities for the talented Goodson. The 6-foot, 205-pound heavily recruited prospect and his father have had to do a lot of thinking about what would be the best fit.
There are certainly many reasons, according to the father, that his son would choose either school.
"With A&M, he liked the fact that it was close to home and it was just his friends along with his teammates could come to the games," Goodson's father said about the Aggies. "On the other side, USC is the biggest stage in college football right now. It's also an opportunity play somewhat early out there depending on the competition.
"That's why he's caught in between. It's a big decision, but it's about that time to make it now."