Goldman talks Bama, recruiting

Washington (D.C.) Friendship Collegiate Academy defensive tackle Eddie Goldman has now been to two of the biggest college football games of the 2011 season on official visits. Now that's he's seen Florida State and most recently Alabama, how do the two compare and what is next?
"I was at the Alabama-LSU game last weekend on an official visit and it was a really good time," said the 6-foot-4, 307-pounder. "The atmosphere was crazy and it was so loud. The game itself lived up the hype I think. It was a defensive game but it was good."
Goldman got down to Tuscaloosa on Saturday and came back home to D.C. on Monday. He was hosted by linebacker Trey DePriest and spent a lot of time with the coaches.

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"Mostly after the game and on Sunday and Monday was when I spent time with the coaches," he said. "I spent time with my recruiting coach Sal Sunseri, my position coach Chris Rumph, the defensive coordinator Kirby Smart and coach Saban."
What did they tell him about how he fits into their scheme?
"They move their defensive linemen around a lot and I like that," he said. "I watched how they played and how they are coached and I liked everything I saw. It was a very good visit. The players, the coaches and the atmosphere was great, but the game itself was the best part. I'd been down there before but never for a game."
Goldman took his first official visit to Florida State in September when the 'Noles hosted Oklahoma. How did the two games compare?
"They were about the same," he said. "It was louder at Alabama but that's because the stadium is bigger. Both places had great fans and the atmospheres where the same to me."
Did he come away from the Alabama visit with a better idea of who leads for his services?
"No, I'm still open," he said. "I liked both of my visits so far and I have three more to take and I will start figuring things out after that."
So what's next?
"I am talking to a few schools about visits and I have Auburn coming up later this month (Nov. 25) and I'm looking forward to that," he said. "I don't have any others scheduled but I could go to Clemson or Miami next, I'm not sure."
In addition to Florida State and Alabama, Goldman listed Auburn, Cal, Clemson, Maryland and Miami to round out his final seven in August. However, a new school has been added to the list.
"I'm interested in South Carolina as well," he said. "Their defensive line is playing really well and I've been watching them. I'm not sure if I'll take an official visit there or not, I'm still figuring some things out."
There had been some rumors that the potential defection of fellow defensive lineman Mario Edwards from Florida State could affect Goldman. Edwards, the nation's No. 2 player overall, recently said he was still committed to Florida State but that Oklahoma and LSU were his favorites. Would that matter to Goldman?
"No, not at all," he said. "I like Mario, but I'm making my choice for me. No one else will affect it."
Goldman is ranked as the nation's No. 1 defensive tackle and the No. 4 player overall.