Goins has three at the top

Baltimore (Md.) Gilman School running back Kenneth Goins updated his recruitment. The 5-foot-9, 215-pounder has added a couple offers and taken in one camp.
"On Friday I went to the Penn State camp and they said I did very well," he said. "I'm supposed to call the coach this week to see what's with that.
"They didn't say much, but they were kind of evaluating me to see if I fit into their program."

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Meanwhile, Goins added two new offers from the likes of Tulane and Syracuse.
At this time, Goins claims three schools stand out above the rest.
"Penn State is my favorite school, I've always liked Penn State," he said. "I'm liking Syracuse right now too, I've been talking to them a lot and I'm going to take a visit there. I'm not sure when yet, but it's just cause they offered me and I guess they are persuading me, I like the things they are telling me about how things are going to be.
"Also, I like Georgia Tech maybe because of the option. Those are my top three there that I really like now."