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Gnat changes weekend plans

The season for Jacksonville (Fla.) Wolfson High School and senior defensive end Rodney Gnat did not start out like the way the three-star defender expected, but things look like their swinging back in the right direction.
After starting the season with a win, three straight losses followed for Wolfson. Now, according to Gnat, things are starting to get better and his recruitment is also still at a high level.
"Everything is kind of starting to get rolling," Gnat said. "I actually injured my knee during a game and it's getting better."
Gnat was set to take in his first official visit to Louisville this weekend, but due to several factors will not be able to make it.
"I just want to stay in town while I'm working on my knee, work on my grades, and plus the SAT is this weekend so I've had to reschedule it," Gnat said about his upcoming trip. "I've got it set for November - I think it's the second week how we have it now."
Regardless of whether or not he's visiting Louisville now or in November, they are still tied for the lead.
"Both them and UCF were the first couple of teams that have been on me since the recruiting process started," Gnat said. "UCF is close to home and has one of the best criminal justice programs. Louisville is the other end of the spectrum. They're one of the top programs in the country where UCF is up and coming."
"I'm interested in them for both reasons."
Gnat is hard worker in the classroom and that is what has delayed him setting up any more trips. However, he's starting to think about where he might go next.
"UCF will definitely be one," Gnat said. "Another would possibly be Minnesota and South Florida. I've got plenty of time though. My decision probably won't be until after the season sometime. I'm just really focused on my teammates and school right now."
Gnat is the No. 26 rated defensive end in the country and the No. 84 overall prospect in the state of Florida.
Rodney Gnat VideoClick During his junior season he put together 30 unassisted tackles and 10 sacks.Here to view this Link.