Glover would like to go national

Mission Viejo, Calif., defensive end Domonic Glover was one of the most dominating defenders at the Los Angeles NIKE Training Camp. He couldn't be stopped in the one-on-one drills with his long, lean frame and quick first step off the line of scrimmage.
He also tested very well clocking a 4.87 in the 40, jumped 31 inches in the vertical and did 30 reps on the bench. Combine all of that and it's easy to see why both Ole Miss and Arizona offered him early scholarships.
They remain in hot pursuit, but the list of other teams recruiting him remains pretty long, too, even though one team seemingly is pushing harder than anybody else.
"Ole Miss, Boise State, and Notre Dame are the three main teams I talk to right now," Glover said. "I have an offer from Ole Miss and a lot of schools have told me they're going to offer me after this semester is over.
"Ole Miss is definitely recruiting me the hardest. I talk to one of their coaches twice a week, but that's mainly the school coming after me hard. I get a ton of hand written letters from a lot of schools, though."
And that's where several national programs come into play. Glover said he's not got a problem with taking his game out of state if it means he gets a shot at playing for one of the nation's top programs.
"I am more interested in teams like USC, Oklahoma, Florida and Miami," he said. "Those schools have all been sending me mail, but I haven't received any offers or hand-written stuff. I don't have a problem going to a place like Oklahoma or Florida and my parents are cool with it so I'll go anywhere.
"I'm going to the USC camp for sure and that's probably about it that I know of. I won't have time to fly out and go to any schools. I'd like to, though. If Oklahoma, Florida, or Miami offered, or schools like that, they would be the leader for me. Ole Miss has offered and they have great tradition, but I haven't been able to see their campus yet so I'm not ready to commit without seeing it."
Glover has a few things in mind when it comes to making a decision.
"Some of the main factors will be how I fit in at a school when I visit," he said. "How well I get along with the players and the coaches? I want to go somewhere with good tradition and my family has to like it.
"If a team came along that I really liked a lot and offered me I'd get the process over with. If it came down to some teams that are about the same I'd take all of my trips. If USC offered, though, I'd probably jump on it, but I don't see that happening."