Glenville pipeline turns out another

If anyone remotely entertained the thought that Cleveland Glenville would run short of talent after sending 11 players to Division I schools in 2006 – think again. Coach Ted Ginn Sr. seems to have an unlimited supply of talent within his program year after year.
One of the most notable juniors expecting heavy collegiate attention is tight end Kyle Jefferson. The process has just begun, but there has already been a widespread amount of attention.
"I hear from a ton of schools," Jefferson said. "Wisconsin, Ohio State, Boston College, Florida State, Florida and LSU are the biggest. The list goes on, but those are the main teams I hear from."

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It may be early in the process, but there are already a few teams who are have separated themselves from the pack at the moment.
"I really like Ohio State, Florida State and Wisconsin the most right now," he admitted. "I like Ohio State the most, I guess, because it's in Ohio. It's the home school so it would be a great place to go. Wisconsin is a great school for receivers like me. I could be a big receiver there. FSU is just a fast team. They play super fast and I love to play fast."
The mail varies from personalized letters to simply letters announcing interest. However, two written offers have already arrived in the mailbox of the 6-foot-5, 195 pound prospect from Wisconsin and Akron.
Nobody should expect a decision any time soon, though.
"My plan right now is to wait and take visits," he said. "I think after I take my visits I'll make my decision. Things could change, though. I could get an offer from a team and just make a decision, but that's not my plan right now."
Jefferson expressed his excitement for the recruiting process and plans to attend several camps over the summer to showcase his talent, although he was unaware of any specific camps he plans to attend.