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Glass enjoys visit to Washington

Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame running back Rodney Glass took his first official visit of the year this past weekend to Washington. The trip definitely made an impression on him, so much in fact that although it was his first visit, Glass gave some thought to ending the process while on the visit.
"I'm not going to lie, I did think it about a little," Glass said. "I had a great time and I know I would fit in really well there. The only thing that kind of held me back was the fact that this was my first visit and I know I need something to compare it to before I commit anywhere.
"Washington was nice though. The highlite for me was definitely meeting coach Willingham. He's a great coach but more than that, he's by far, one of the coolest people I've ever met. Not just football related, but just period. He's a great guy and having the chance to meet him was very special to me.
"J.R. Hasty was my host and he was cool. Everyone I met there was really cool. There was a lot of recruits on the visit and I already knew some of them. I hung out a lot with Richard Sherman, we met during the CaliFlorida Bowl and it was good to see him again.I liked downtown Seattle a lot. They feed you like crazy on those visits and I liked that tall tower, I think it's called the Space Needle, that was pretty nice. It rained a little and was pretty cold but I think I could get used to it."
Glass said he'll visit UNLV this weekend and then finish up with Arizona State the following weekend.
"I'm committed to checking out ASU before I make a decision," Glass said. "I like them a lot and they are definitely one of my top schools so I won't be making a decision until at least two more weeks."