Givens gets national attention

Los Angeles Jordan offensive guard Christopher Givens doesn't have any offers at this point, but he's getting plenty of regular attention in the mail from some heavy hitters from coast-to-coast.
"I've been getting stuff from have been Notre Dame, Florida State and Texas A&M," Givens, who is 6-foot-4 and 325 pounds, said. "That's pretty much it right now. I have one more year to go out and prove myself, but I don't have any offers yet. Out of the teams I get mail from Notre Dame and Florida State are the two I like a lot."
Why do the Irish and Noles stand out?
"Notre Dame and Florida State are the two teams I like the most," he said. "I'm not real sure about what's going to make me pick a school. I like those two because they're far, but everything depends on how I do next year."
Givens hopes to increase his stock this summer and hopefully earn more attention and possibly earn more respect from teams in the Pac 10.
"I might go to some camps this summer," he said. "I'd really like to go to the USC camp, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to because of my work schedule. I was playing offensive tackle this past year. I pull and I block real good, but I need to work on my footwork and get a little stronger.
"Right now I plan to take all my visits and wait things out to see who gets interested in me. I think after my senior year a lot more schools will be interested in talking to me."