Gettysburg DE considering visits

Gettysburg, Pa. defensive end Logan Shultz holds two scholarship offers from the ACC and Big East. Now that the season has started, the 6-foot-2, 259-pounder is considering visits to those schools and another.
"I'm definitely going to start heading out on visits," he said. "I'm not totally sure which ones. I think it's pretty definite I'll be heading up to Penn State for the Wisconsin game on October 13th. I'm also supposed to be getting down to the West Virginia/Louisville game on November 8th. That's on a Thursday night.
"I'm not sure if those are officials or unofficials. I'm working on scheduling them the next couple weeks. One other I might look at is going to Boston College for the Florida State game on November 3rd."
Right now, Shultz has no intention of committing anytime soon.
"I'll probably wait on a decision until after the season unless something big blows my mind."
Of the three visits he's looking at, Shultz holds offers from Boston College and West Virginia. What's the situation with Penn State?
"They are just talking to me and want to wait on senior film to see how I do," he said. "They are being very selective in the defensive linemen they pick since they've gotten a lot the last few years. I understand, it's a business and they've got to do what's best for them."
Shultz was planning to take an unofficial to Penn State over the weekend, but decided not to make the trip due to a big victory with his team on Friday.
"We celebrated late after the win," he said. "It was a really big game over the No. 4 team in the state. I didn't feel right leaving my team.
"Right now we're 2-0. Our team is really special because in the first five minutes on Friday we were down 14-0. We returned with a kick and on the first play from scrimmage scored. We ended up winning 49-24. This team has 21 out of 22 players as seniors. It's a big year."
How is the No. 37 prospect in Pennsylvania doing?
"I'm doing well," he said. "I'm not getting a lot of action since teams are running sweeps and inside plays away from me. My coach has decided to put in a whole new defense where I play nose tackle. I'll be in the middle of the action and then they can't run away from me. I'd say so far I've got about two or three sacks."