Getting to know Dustin Sherer

Dustin Sherer
Westfield H.S.
Westfield, Ind.
Personal: 6-foot-2, 205 pounds
Evaluation: Sherer is the number four overall prospect in the state of Indiana.
Getting to know Sherer
Statistics: Sherer completed 135 of 245 passes (55%) for 2216 yards during his junior season. He threw for 17 touchdowns and was intercepted six times. Sherer also rushed for five touchdowns.
What was the main reason you selected Wisconsin? "It was the best program that offered me. The coaching staff is awesome. It's an awesome campus."
When do you hope to see game action? "If I perform I can probably play by my sophomore year."
What will your college major be? "I'm not sure yet, but I would probably have to say business."
What do you want to do after college? "I hope to play in the NFL. That's my dream. If not I'll use my major."
What is your best sports memory? "Beating Andrean in the regional championship."
Who is your favorite athlete? "Payton Manning."
What kind of music do you like? "Mostly country and alternative."
What is your favorite food? "Pizza."
What are your hobbies? "I also play basketball, run track, and I did play baseball. My life revolves around sports pretty much."