Getting to know Brian Hartline

Brian Hartline
Wide receiver
Glen Oak H.S.
Canton, Ohio.
Personal: 6-foot-2, 178 pounds
Evaluation: Hartline is the number 14 overall prospect in the state of Ohio.
Getting to know Hartline
Statistics: Hartline played quarterback, some running back, and wide receiver during his junior season. He also played a little free safety, punted, and returned punts and kickoffs. Hartline caught close to 40 passes, scored six times, and had 300 yards passing.
How many scholarship offers did you have? "I had about ten. Michigan State, Michigan, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, Iowa, Ohio State, and a handful of MAC schools."
Why did you select Ohio State? "Ohio State was always my hometown favorite. I've been an Ohio State fan all my life. And my mom wanted me to go there. When I was at Michigan it didn't feel right. It felt right at Ohio State."
Who was your second choice behind Ohio State? "It was between Michigan, Michigan State, and Stanford at that point and time."
Who is your favorite athlete? "Dustin Fox all the way. We're from the same school. We wanted to play together, but he didn't redshirt. We workout together."
Who is your favorite profesional athlete? "Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith. I'm a Cowboys fan."
Would you prefer to redshirt your first season at Ohio State? "My goal is to play my freshman year. If not then I'll be redshirted, then play the next year."