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Get noticed by college coaches, Rivals recruiting analysts

With the Coronavirus pandemic causing the postponement of upcoming Camp and Combine events, Rivals is introducing a new feature called "Rivals Spotlight." This feature will help players receive nationwide recruiting attention and recognition.

All football players throughout the country will be considered and the nomination process is simple. Simply follow @rivalscamps and @rivalsmike on Twitter and look for the call for highlight film submissions, which will be tweeted daily.

Rivals.com National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell will go through all nominations and select at least one player each weekday to recognize. That player will be featured, along with his highlight film, at both @Rivals and @rivalsmike and featured here (SEE BELOW), reaching hundreds of thousands of people as well as college coaches.

Rivals and our great partners who make the Camps and Combine series possible recognize these are unusual times. But recruiting, and showcasing athletes' talents, doesn't have to totally shut down. We look forward to seeing those highlight tapes. Stay safe.

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