German lands second offer

Offensive tackle Eugene German out of Martinsburg, W.V. landed his second offer recently. The 6-foot-5, 250-pounder discussed his status at this time.
"I got an offer from UNC-Charlotte," he said. "I think it's a possibility because it's in the North Carolina area. Growing up, that's where I wanted to go to play college. My best friend is thinking about going to school there also.
"In middle school, I had big sites on UNC-Chapel Hill. That was my dream school, but North Carolina in general is a beautiful place."

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In the meantime, German is setting up camp visits.
"I'm going to Duke, Pittsburgh and Penn State in June," he said. "They are most likely close to offering.
"Duke came up to the school not too long ago and they have an interest."
Does German want to hear from anyone else?
"No," he said. "Everybody that I'm hearing from I like. Rutgers I'd like to talk to there coaches more, but I still get letters from there. Right now I'm set on these three camps."
German holds one other offer at this time from Marshall.