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Gerald McCoy down to four schools

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - The talk of the West team in San Antonio has been the play of the defensive line and no player has stood out more than Oklahoma City (Okla.) Southeast defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.
The 6-foot-4, 305 pound McCoy is the No. 2 ranked defensive tackle in the nation and he's been lined up all week next to the nation's top ranked defensive tackle Al Woods.
McCoy said that nobody has been able to beat him in any of the one-on-one drills and his dominance was reflected this week when he was the No. 1 player in Tuesday's Hot 11.
"I don't think I've been beaten in one-on-one's yet," McCoy said. "I got caught up one time by Chris Stewart. I came through and I beat him and I shook him one way and he give me slap and I spun. But when I spun, I slipped and he got me locked up and I spun out of it. I really won it, but I'll give him credit because he did do good on that one."
McCoy is currently undecided on where he'll play next year, but he has narrowed things down to Oklahoma, LSU, USC and Notre Dame.
"I've dropped it from six to four," McCoy said. "Oklahoma, LSU, USC and Notre Dame are my final four. That will be my final four and I don't think I'll add anybody else. That will be my final four and I'll make a decision around signing day."
The team that appears to be in the drivers seat for McCoy is Oklahoma. McCoy said it will be hard to turn down the in-state power.
"To be honest yes," McCoy said when asked if it will be hard to turn OU down. "But it's all about the best school for me. God will set up all the stuff for me and he'll lead me to where I want to go. If OU is not the best place, it's not where I'll be."
However, both USC and LSU are making hard pushes towards McCoy with several of their commitments who are participating in the U.S. Army Game.
McCoy said the Trojan commits on his West team have constantly been getting in his ear about joining them at Southern Cal and his relationship with Woods makes the Tigers a viable option at this point.
McCoy and Woods have really hit it off in San Antonio and the two first became friends during their official visit at LSU.
"Me and Al Woods had a connection the minute we met," McCoy said. "When we met the connection we've had is like we've been playing with each other since little league. Since we've gotten so close, he wants me to go to LSU with him.
"The bond that we have will help out in the recruiting process. Al would probably be my roommate if I go to LSU."