Georgia fullback lands first offer

For Tyler Cierski today was a big day. This fullback from Hoschton, Georgia received his first scholarship offer. It came from the University of Maryland.
"It feels great to have an offer from such a great school," Cierski said. "It is good to know that my hard work is paying off. I know about the UMD recent bowl history, like how they have been to six bowls and won four of them within nine years. I also know that they like to diversify the backfield and I can play a huge role with that style. I plan on visiting the campus either one or two weeks after March 27 (the day of the state weightlifting competition), and I am looking forward to it."
Cierski, 6-1 and 240 pounds, missed some games last season because of injury. But he took it in stride and came back strong.

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"I feel that with the opportunities I was given this season I really made the best of it. Injuries are no fun, but ankles sprains heal, and I was able to overcome it at full force and return to play at full speed. We went 5-5 this season and every game that I played in we won. My strengths include, first of all, my strength. I am extremely strong in my style of play. I prefer running through and over people to running around them. Also, I have really good hands and I am capable of taking as many deep handoffs as necessary. I wouldn't say that speed and quickness are my weaknesses, they are still really good. However, if I would try to improve one aspect of my game the most, speed would be it."
Cierski, who plays for Mill Creek High School, is also hearing from a bunch of other schools like Georgia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Duke, UConn, N.C. State, South Carolina, Auburn, and Alabama.
"I plan on visiting as many of these schools as soon as possible. Also, some big Ivy League schools have been paying attention to me, which is really good, because college isn't only about what I can do on the field, but also what I can do after I graduate.
"There are a lot of things that I think are important to choosing a school. The scheme, coaching, atmosphere, and my role on the team all play into my decisions, along with academics and the ability for me to just feel comfortable as a part of the family. All of these schools have sparked my interest, so it is hard to choose a top list. I am open to everyone."
Cierski also participates in track, where he throws the shot put and discus, where he's ranked in both events.