Georgia FB ready to prove it

Marietta (Ga.) Osborne fullback Trey Brewer is one of those players who opened a lot of eyes this summer with his impressive physical tools on the camp scene.
He missed his junior season due to a broken leg, but rates as one of the South’s most intriguing prospects due to his 5-foot-11, 224-pound frame, 4.56 speed in the 40, and a number of world power-lifting records for his age and weight class.
Now it appears schools want to see if he can put it all together on the football field.
“I’m getting a lot of schools asking for film,” Brewer said. “Since I missed my junior season, it sounds like they want to make sure I can play before they offer. I understand that.
“I talked to a coach from Alabama who wanted me to get them some film. I’ve been working on that with my dad and my coach. Nebraska is still sending me a lot of stuff, asking for film. Same with Wake Forest and Illinois. I also got calls from Ohio and Tennessee-Chattanooga. They’re starting to show a lot of interest.”
Brewer remains high on the Crimson Tide. If a scholarship offer develops there, Alabama is a good bet to land his commitment.
In his first game of the season, Brewer caught one pass for 35 yards and had “several big-time blocks.”
“I did a great job blocking. I just destroyed some of those guys,” he said. “That’s really my specialty. I hope I get to carry the ball more in our next game, though. Coach put in three plays just for me this week. I’m looking forward to running those.”