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Georgia DB Jaden Slocum taking things slow

Some thought the recruiting process would slow down some with the NCAA putting the clamps down on visits, spring practices and things of that nature the last few weeks, but that hasn't really been the case.

Some prospects have moved forward with commitments, many have named favorites, and others be on the verge of making public decisions.

Jaden Slocum is not in any of those groups. He does not see himself committing any time soon, he is not ready to release a top group of schools and the athletic defensive back out of Alpharetta, Ga. is taking his time.

"I want to take a broader look at everything once things settle down," said Slocum. "I think things are starting to come a little bit clearer for me, but I still have a ways to go.

"I would say things are still pretty slow for me, and I am taking my time, but once I can get back out on some visits, I think things will move a little faster."

The only schools he had the opportunity to visit in 2020 to date were Stanford and Wake Forest. Both schools impressed.

"I went up to Wake Forest the last day of January and it was my first time there. It is a small school with a really nice coaching staff and we all felt at home. The staff wasn't very pushy with us at all. They showed us what they had to offer, they hoped we liked it and they were very friendly.

"Their campus was nice and it reminded me of a neighborhood to be honest. I learned what the program is like, I spent time with the coaches and me and my family had a really nice time. It is definitely a school I will keep under consideration.

"I went out to Stanford March 7 and the size of the campus stood out the most I’d say. I didn’t expect it to be as big and beautiful as it was. It left a strong impression on me and my family, we had a great time.

"I connected well with all the coaches and professors I spoke with, and can easily see myself fitting in as both a student and football player."

Once recruits are cleared to hit the road again, a trip to South Bend is likely for Slocum. Notre Dame was a school that offered earlier this year.

"Notre Dame is another school where their academics are world known," said Slocum. "If I went there, the degree will carry weight anywhere I go in the world. That really appeals to me. Their football program has been superb as long as I have been alive, and before then, so it is definitely a school I want to check out."

Another offer that drew a lot of attention towards Slocum was Alabama. He was in Tuscaloosa for the Arkansas game last fall and he now wants to make a return visit.

"I talked to coach Nick Saban on the phone and he offered me, so that was a big surprise. I was there for a game during the season, and they showed some interest, but I was still surprised by the offer.

"I want to get back over there because I have connected with coach Wiggins and coach Kelly really well. They knew me and my family, and they did a great job of helping us have a great experience. I had a great time before, so now I have the offer, so I just want to spend more time there."

Over the last last 6-12 months, Georgia and Georgia Tech have been recruiting one of the top prospects in their home state. Both schools remain in the hunt.

"I plan to get back to both the in-state schools. I was at three Georgia games and one Georgia Tech game last season. It is a lot easier to visit those schools for me and my family, so we will be back.

"Both schools are recruiting me well. I hear from coach Burton a lot and I am maintaining a good relationship with coach Warren also. I like both schools, I have not forgotten about either and I plan on getting back to each as soon as possible."

Right now, Slocum is a recruit just taking his recruitment day to day. He knows he needs more time to make a decision like this, and this may not happen until the end of his senior season.

"My family and some close to my family have talked about committing before my senior year, but I really do not think it happens until after the season," said Slocum. "I literally have no timetable for a decision right now. I just know I am not close. We will just see how it goes."