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Georgia ATH has first offer in hand

The state of Georgia is the top prospect- producing state in the country outside of the "big three" (Texas, California and Florida). Every year the number of top prospects increases in the Peach State, so the top few players in Georgia are always considered to be elite national blue chippers. One player who may be in the mix for the honor of state's top player is Leesburg (Ga.) Lee County quarterback D'Vontrey Richardson, who recently was given an offer by Clemson.
"He's just a tremendous athlete," Lee County head coach Dave Johnson said. "He reminds me a lot of Charlie Ward, except he is bigger. He sits in the pocket and is just so patient back there. He is great at reading defenses and making things happen. He has a great arm, but can also beat you with his feet because he is so fast and elusive. He really is the total package."
The 6-foot-1, 210-pound Richardson runs the 40-yard dash in approximately 4.6 seconds. While he plays quarterback for his high school team, there could be some question about his future position once he reaches the college level.
"I think he is a quarterback and I think that is his best position," Johnson said. "I have talked to a lot of college coaches and some of them are just saying they will recruit him as a quarterback and some are saying that they want to recruit him as an athlete because he is so versatile. He would make a good wide receiver or defensive back, but I see him playing quarterback.
D'Vontrey is such a team player that I think that he would play wherever anyone asked him. He is the type of kid that just wants to help his team win and do whatever he can to make that happen. I do think that deep down in his heart he wants to play quarterback. He knows the position and feels comfortable there and thinks that he would excel better there than anywhere else."
College coaches already know all about Richardson and have started to take notice. One school already thinks enough of Richardson that they have extended him a full scholarship offer early in the recruiting process.
"I have already had quite a few college coaches calling here and asking about him," Johnson said. "A ton of schools have been sending mail, but the ones that have been calling me and sending the most stuff are UCLA, Nebraska, Florida State, Tennessee, Clemson, Troy, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Ohio State and Auburn. As far as who he is looking at, I think he just wants to weigh his options and visit some camps this summer. I know we're going to the NIKE camp at Florida State and past that we haven't really set any up."
While Richardson is certainly the name every knows right now, you had better keep an eye on his teammate, Lavelle Parker, who is a wide receiver that has gotten some college coaches attention as well.
"He is starting to generate a lot of interest as well," Johnson siad. "Most of the same schools that are interested in D'Vontrey are also interested in Lavelle. I think he is going to have plenty of options before its all said and done. He is just such an athletic kid, that moves really well. He's got a jump that is out of this world and he has really good speed."
The 6-foot-0, 171-pound Parker runs the 40-yard dash in 4.62 seconds and was the state triple jump champion as a sophomore.
"He also loves track and is very good at it as well," Johnson said. "I think he would be interested in doing both in college. He pretty much has the same feelins as D'Vontrey does in that he just wants to keep everything open and visit some schools over the summer before he starts to narrow every thing down too much."