George Bell shakes things up

Running back George Bell was supposed to visit Virginia on Saturday for the Cavs big game against Florida State. He changed that, and he's also moved around some schools on his list of favorites.
"I didn't go to Virginia this weekend for an official," said the Fayetteville (N.C.) Jack Britt star. "There really wasn't a point. I guess you could say I'm not really considering them right now."
Does Bell plan on scheduling another official visit in place of the one he was supposed to take to Charlottesville?
"No, I'm done with visits," he said. "I plan on making my decision on Thursday. I haven't schedule a press conference or anything like that yet, but it should be Thursday."
Bell has narrowed things down, and you may be surprised with a recent change on his list.
"North Carolina is in my top three now with Virginia Tech and NC State. Michigan is probably fourth right now, but I think they're behind the other three. Looking back that trip to Carolina was real cool, so it's a place I'm thinking a lot about. They're right in the mix."
Bell has not played this year for Jack Britt. After an ACL injury last year he may sit out the entire season to prevent further damage.