Geoff Schwartz Talks About Visit To Oregon

Palisades (Calif.) offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz, 6-6, 300 pounds, took his first official visit this past weekend to Oregon. It wasn’t his first time visiting the campus as the lineman visited Eugene on an unofficial visit over the summer but it was still an eye opening experience for him.
“This was a lot better than the unofficial visit,” Schwartz said. “Obviously they can spend a lot more time with you and wine and dine you a lot more. I got picked up in a private jet, which was awesome and then just hanging out with the players on the team was a lot of fun. Ian Reynoso was my host and I sensed a real family atmosphere among the players and coaches there.
“Friday night I went out with the players and then I got to watch the team practice on Saturday which is something I didn’t get to do on my unofficial visit. It was good to see the team in action and see how the coaches and players interacted together. Later that day, a bunch of us went and played paint ball and that was a lot of fun. It was the first time I ever played it and my team got worked but it was still a lot fun.

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“I liked Oregon a lot but I’m not close to making a decision or anything. I still have Arizona this weekend and then UCLA on (Dec. 19). After those last two visits, I’ll be ready to make my decision. I think I’m just going to go with my gut feeling. UCLA was my childhood favorite but that’s not a factor at all for me. My family is fine with any of the three schools and I’m just going to pick the place where I feel the most comfortable.”